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E STEM Inc. is only able to provide its users high quality research material because of its editorial board. Our Editor-In-Chief has a particularly important role to play in this process and the quality of all our journals depend on how well the editors do their jobs. Being a multi discipline publication, the editorial board at E STEM Inc. is comprised of experts from every field of science that we accept papers on, and helps us create a well rounded board with experts from every popular field.

E STEM Inc. invites leading professionals from all walks of the scholarly community to join us and become a part of our global open access publication. Researchers, medical practitioners, scientists and other professionals that are working to explore the various fields of medical sciences, are welcome to join our editorial board and help us ensure quality in all the articles that E STEM Inc. publishes.

When you join us as an editor, you will be undertaking a responsibility to ensure that the journal you are responsible for always has high quality articles. We rely on our editors, and you will be the last thing standing between our journals and articles that are not up to the mark of the standards that the scholarly community at large expects.

Why become an editor at E STEM Inc.?

There are a number of benefits to you if you join our editorial board. E STEM Inc. offers its editors the following advantages:

  • For any event that E STEM Inc. organizes, editors are awarded waiver on the registration fee

  • A certificate that recognizes you as an editor at E STEM Inc. is awarded to you

  • For all conferences that E STEM Inc. organizes, you will get an honorable position, either as a chair, or a co-chair.

  • What does your position as an editor at E STEM Inc. entail?

    For all the advantages and prestige that are associated with being an editor for our open access publication, being an editor at E STEM Inc. also carries certain responsibilities. We rely on you to ensure that E STEM Inc. is always considered a place where researchers and scholars from all over the globe can find high quality articles from their fields, and you must work to make sure that the journals you are responsible for, publish only stringently checked articles.

  • It will be your responsibility to assign reviewers out of the peer review team for each journal to every new article submitted for publishing. IN case you have prior commitments and are not in a position to handle the article assigned to you, you should inform the editorial board about your unavailability so that another editor with the expertise to handle the article can be assigned the article instead.

  • You will need to ensure that you contribute timely for all the editorials and manuscripts you are responsible for.

  • Ensuring high quality content in the journal through professional networking or through referral of experts in your network to the journal.

  • Performing a final quality check of all manuscripts once they have been reviewed by the editorial board.

  • Ensuring that the peer review process is completed on time, and that you handle all correspondences with the editorial board in a timely manner.

  • Bring in new ideas and changes for the journal which take us in a better direction and help us provide our users even better services.

  • Maintain regular contact with fellow editors.

  • Keep track of the complete peer review and ensure that quality standards are met at all times.

  • Must ensure compliance with data protection policies and confidentiality rules. In case of any information provided by the author about test subjects or patients, you will need to make sure that the author also secures their consent.

  • E STEM Inc. does not enforce any limit or quota which an editor has to meet per month. Editors are welcome to contribute when they have the time, and help us keep a high quality open access platform that can provide real value to the scholarly community. Advancement in the field of science through better research is the number one purpose behind the existence of E STEM Inc., and we firmly believe that quality editors can help ensure this vision. If you are interested in helping us create a better open access platform for researchers, apply today at:

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