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The role of the reviewers along with the support of Editorial Board Members is very important in judging the quality of submitted articles through a peer review process. E STEM Inc. try an attempt endorse high quality and unique publication. Based on their research experience and expertise, the Editorial Board Members are requested to review the submitted articles and research works, as they are capable of accomplishing peer review process themselves. The Editorial Board Members can assign the work to the reviewers and these reviewers are supposed to give their reviews and comments regarding the submitted articles. Thus, through the peer review system, the E STEM Inc. maintain the high standards of the publication by publishing high quality and informative articles which are reviewed thoroughly.


The reviewer is a renowned person with extensive knowledge about the concerned subject. Reviewers play very important roles in the peer review process as they are the subject experts. The reviewers at the E STEM Inc. have a major contribution in the fair and timely review process for all the manuscripts and publications. All the reviewers should be attentive while they are reviewing the articles and also should be unbiased. The comments and reviews provided by the reviewers should not involve any professional and personal disputes and it should be transparent and unbiased. The comments of the reviewers should be able to improve the quality of the manuscripts. The reviews should be provided by the reviewers within the time allotted to him by the editorial office. The reviewer report should come under any of the following:

  • Accept

  • Minor revision

  • Major revision

  • Reject

  • Peer Review Process

    Peer Review Process is used for checking and improving the quality of the manuscripts at the E STEM Inc. Before publication all the journals in the E STEM Inc. undergo this unique and unbiased peer review process. During this process author’s identity and affiliations are revealed to the reviewers while on the other hand authors are not told about the reviewer. As soon as the Editorial Review process is done, the Editor appoints two expert reviewers in the field of the title of the manuscript to perform the peer review process. The reviewers are expected to provide precise suggestions and correction to the Editor, who sends the review reports to the authors. The reviewers check the wholeness, correctness and clarity of the manuscripts which helps the editor to decide whether to publish the manuscript or not.

  • Reviewers should not disclose the information in the manuscript unless it is published and must respect the confidentiality.

  • The information in the manuscript should not be used by the reviewers for their own benefits and must not share with another organization or individual.

  • Reviewers at E STEM Inc. are expected to accept to review the manuscript only if they have expertise in the concerned subject and are confident to provide accurate assessment and appropriate report.

  • Peer Review Process should not be influenced by the nationality, origin, religion, gender etc. of the authors i.e. there should be no discrimination while performing the peer review process.

  • Reviewers should inform the Editor immediately if they find that the manuscript is not unique and plagiarism free.

  • It should be immediately informed to the Editor if the reviewer finds that the manuscript already been reviewed by them for any other journal.

  • Reviewers are not allowed to contact the authors without the permission of the Editor.

  • Reviewers should report to the Editor if there is any kind of misconduct in the manuscript.

  • Instructions

    It is very important to acknowledge whether you have the capability to work as a reviewer or not, you should decline if you do not have enough knowledge about the subject to perform the review thoroughly. The time limit given to the reviewers for submitting their review report is two weeks and you should notify the Editor if you will be unable to submit the report within the given time limit or if you want to extend the time limit. It is advised not to delay the review process intentionally. Some of the useful instructions which will help you in your review process are:

  • Should not edit the content of the manuscript.

  • While performing review process the you should be confident and unbiased in order to provide constructive and sound report.

  • It is advised to keep a copy of the review report for your use as there is chances revision will be submitted by the authors.

  • Unfair language and offensive criticism should be avoided.

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